Innovative Private Label Skincare


NeoTec's mission is to assist dermatologists and skin therapists, retailers and brands, spas and salons in offering excellent private label products and private label lines based on high-end, cutting-edge technologies and active ingredients.

NeoTec is all about innovation, flexibility and perfection. Here, we address challenging customer demands with an innovative approach and maximum flexibility. We are quick to respond to our customers' needs as well as to new global trends and market opportunities – to create the best product.

Senior Team


Head of Innovative Technologies Development Team - Professor Uri Cogan

Professor Cogan is recognized as one of the leading scientists in the global field of Biotechnology and Food Engineering. Former dean of the Department of Biotechnology & Food Engineering and head of Food Industries R&D Center at the valued Technion, Institute of Technology in Israel.

Professor Cogan has vast industrial experience, incl. research work for P&G USA, Delitech Ltd and the Technion R&D Foundation. He is a consultant to various industrial companies.
Published over 90 research papers in peer reviewed journals.
Main research interests: biochemistry; nanoparticles, food chemistry and nutrition, naturaceuticals and health; structure and function of biological membranes; physical chemistry of proteins and lipids.


CEO – Mrs. Livna Lewkowicz

Has over 20 years extensive experience in product development, sales and training at international premium cosmetic companies (Orlane & Payot, Estee Lauder, Lancaster and L. Raphael).



Ben Yosef is chief pharmacist and head of standards and regulations department. She has B.Sc.Pharm from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Faculty of Medicine (School of Pharmacy) and is highly valued for her knowledge, esp. in FDA and EU regulations.