Innovative Private Label Skincare


Private Label & Custom Development

Efficacy and Creativity


Delivering effective and creative formulations through knowhow and an extensive research process.

Private Label Formulas:

Over the years we've developed a wide variety of proven formulas. Our formulas are valued for their efficacy, quality, premium ingredients and safety.
If you have a particular product in mind, we might have it in our wide variety of existing formulas. Since these formulas are already developed and optimized, this is a convenient option with low cost and shorter time to market – to save you both time and money.
Our formulas cover a wide range of categories, top quality ingredients and textures.

You can choose a formula in the specific category of your choice, such as skin care, hair care, sun care, for spa, for baby, for men etc. As far as the ingredients go, we offer a wide range of high grade and safe ingredients such as organic, dead sea minerals and many more and we offer USP grade raw materials.

Formulas can be made for different uses such as toners, masks and many more and our laboratory team has the scientific knowledge adapt them to different textures and packaging solutions.
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Formulations Innovation:

A great part of our work goes towards formulation innovation and cutting edge technologies.To achieve this, we always remain updated on discoveries – in the lab, with our suppliers and in the market.
This goes beyond learning about innovative materials and new technologies as we aspire to be in the forefront of research and lead the way for other labs.

Custom Development:

We start by the characterization of the requested product, which included its desired purpose, benefits, texture, and other desired properties and requirements.
Our skilled Research and Development formulators and chemists can create custom formulated products according to your specifications and wishes.
Depending on the specific product, we may offer to adapt our excellent stock formulas to fulfill your requirements or we can create completely new formulas from the ground up.


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