Innovative Private Label Skincare


Research & Development

Innovation, Perfection, Success

All of NeoTec's work is based on strong R&D capabilities that are applied every single day for the benefit of our partners.
We work relentlessly on the development, formulation and manufacturing of premium skin care products as well as body care and hair and scalp products.

While we work on formulating products that satisfy our customers' specifications, we also work on the development of new formulas that our R&D team believes in based on advanced research, industry knowledge and market trends.

In addition, our team is constantly working on the development of innovative and patentable technologies that are driven by the global demands for high-quality, ultimate efficacy skin care.


We have an in-house laboratory and a dedicated team of scientists who conduct our R&D on site.

NeoTec R&D expertise includes research and development on cell membrane, biochemistry of lipids and nano-chemistry, in addition to formula development of pharmaceutical products (for topical use).

This is very significant in our ability to respond to our clients' needs. In addition, this contributes towards a more flexible and efficient work process with great results and client satisfaction.